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All companies rely on there computer systems, but should you be unable to gain access to your building would your company survive?

Islands IT Centre can help.

Option 1Stage 1 Graphic Every night your server backs up to our facilities securely.  We monitor your backups and an e-mail is sent to yourself everyday so both you and IITC can make sure all backups are working properly.  If a major failure of your system was to occur we could get access to your data quickly by simply copying all data to an external hard drive and delivering it you within minutes or hours depending on the amount of data.  This is much quicker than using tape drive or disk based backups and all data is held off site therefore removing the requirement for a member of staff to remove all tapes off site and making sure your tape backups work.

If a major failure was to occur to your system or to your premises we could rebuild a server and move all your data onto it within 24/48 hours depending on users and amount of data.

Option 2

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Option 2 guarantees that your business is able to remain trading after a hardware failure or disaster within 4 hours.  We require a second server that is pre built for your company with all data installed.  We backup using our on line backup system nightly so all current data is held at our premises.  Should a disaster happen we can simply move all current data from our on line server onto your server and you are up and running within a few hours.  We have 10 Workstations installed and running at our Disaster Recovery Centre with Phone Systems, Fax, Printers and all you require to run a business.

Option 3

Option 3 is realtime backup for Disaster Recovery.  When you create a file on your system the file will automatically be written to your backup server at our premises.  Should your system fail you will automatically switch to the backup server at our premises.  This would mean no downtime in event of hardware failure or building disaster.

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